Administrative Assistants/Registrar

(in addition to the general guidelines and expectations) Will assist Campus Operations Director and Administrators in all areas of the school.

Supervisor: Campus Operational Manager and Chief School Administrator
Job Classification: Admin-Exempt

  1. Assist the Chief school Administrator in effectively running the school.
  2. To be an ambassador for the school when meeting parents and other visitors and to act as a first point of reference when people arrive ‘Model’ excellent professional relationships with children, parents, and other professionals in the school
  3. Offer helpful, friendly, approachable, and professional service and take appropriate action on your initiative, resolving minor matters and referring more severe issues to appropriate staff members.
  4. To provide secretarial, clerical, and administrative support to the Head of Schools, Chief School Administrator, and other staff, including word processing, correspondence, reports, references, mail, appointments, and meetings, and maintaining general and confidential filing systems, provide hospitality as required.
  5. Perform Receptionist duties throughout the school day: acting as the first point of reference for receiving callers, children, parents, visitors, and telephone inquiries. Monitor and request office and school supplies. Making copies, monitoring the use of copier and copies
  6. Contribute to the overall culture/work/mission of the school and meet the needs of the children
  7. Adhere to school procedures and ensure that staff receive messages (telephone, email, fax, face-to-face) promptly and accurately, maintain notice boards, update timetables and schedules, sort and distribute mail
  8. Assist with paperless methods of communication by sending out emails and posting the newsletter onto the website. Photocopy and send out letters.
  9. Generate and prepare reports based on requested data for administrative, institutional, patient, or student use

Registrar /Admissions/Student Data

Maintain high standards when managing confidential information, complying with the school’s data protection procedures and legal requirements always

  1. Process pupil admissions by admissions policy and ensure that student records are kept complete and organized,
  2. Enter detailed student data into computer systems. Maintain pupil database, amend/update records on the system, print reports such as attendance and transcripts
  3. Maintain enrollment files, family financial accounts, student records, and attendance in compliance with ODE OECG, CYO, and private and federal grants for all school programs (Fall, Summer Enrichment, Entrepreneurship, Art Club, Athletics, etc.)
  4. Prepare registration and enrollment information for all school-related programming. (Fall, extended daycare, summer, entrepreneurship, athletics
  5. Schedule appointments for new enrollment for testing and interviews
  6. Tracking student enrollment, SSID reports, computers
  7. Set up classes and teachers via Renweb
  8. Communicate with parents and others, via correspondences, telephone, email, parent alerts, etc., who are interested in enrolling in ECA
  9. Update enrollment packet as needed.
  10. Coordinate all tasks with Office Assistants
  11. Responsible for interfacing with the Ohio Department of Education, completing reports and tracking funding via a SAFE Account.
    a. Jon Peterson Scholarship (IEP files and records)
    b. NS3 Reports
    c. Transportation
    d. Ohio School Choice Scholarship
  12. Check and Maintain attendance daily. If a child is absent, they will receive a call from the office if the parent has not called us—parent communication, via email and text messages who have five or more tardy per quarter.
  13. Collect Free and reduced applications for the food program to determine the school’s demographics.
  14. Ensure compliance with school guidelines, principles, laws, and rules.


  1. Initiate and implement safety procedures on school premises. (Fire drill, tornado drills, emergency evacuation, and intruder drills)
  2. Comply with policies and procedures covering child protection, health, safety, and security. As well as contribute to safeguarding the welfare of children in the school.
  3. Maintain the security of property in a way that is consistent with your organization’s procedures and legal requirements, reporting any concerns about safety and security to the appropriate person
  4. Maintain the visitor’s logbook and ensure all visitors and contractors can be identified by wearing visible badges
    Parent/School Communications
  5. Communicates, publicize, and advertises school activities and fundraiser via the media, website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, newspapers, and news stations)
  6. Prepare all school-related materials and activities (letters, memos, awards, scheduling rooms, field trips with transportation, pictures, teachers prep materials, running Ren web report and rosters, emergency books, report cards, etc.)
  7. Maintain accurate development files, quarterly school e-newsletters, and monthly calendar
  8. Communicates, publicize, and advertises school activities and fundraiser via the media, website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, newspapers, and news stations, biweekly/monthly calendar, constant contact)
  9. Research demographic of the area, students, and other schools (poverty count, parents, home school, what areas we serve, church denominations, academics demographics, tracking of students here and when they leave, etc.)
  10. Develop relationships with parents and help coordinate all Emmanuel Express activities and fundraisers. Act as a parent-school liaison by attending meetings and other school/parent-sponsored events.
  11. Submit monthly written reports to the Principal/ Chief School Administrator.
  12. Meet regularly with the administration.

Other duties as assigned:

  • Provide orientation to the parents for the use of technology, tracking Fees to determine when they receive the technology,
  • Troubleshoot interoffice technology issues and employee technology issues. (Staff and Parent Focused)
  • Data Entry for school and development activities.

Qualifications for Registrar

  1. Working knowledge of MS Office programs and experience entering data into computer systems
  2. At least one-year education administration experience
  3. Strong grasp of the values, goals, and standards of your employing organization or company
  4. Experience providing customer or client services
  5. Previous secretarial experience is beneficial
  6. Strong communication skills, including experience in writing, answering phone calls, and speaking
  7. Basic math and organizational skills for paperwork and data management
  8. Ability to perform multiple tasks at one time and make quick decisions