Assure the effective functioning of a facility to provide an efficient and safe working environment for employees and their activities by using best business practices to manage resources, services, and processes to meet the needs of the school.

Must have essential physical and mental capabilities in the following:  Interpersonal skills, memory, attention to detail, follow directions, comprehension, calculating, reading, writing, speaking, evaluating, mathematics, organizing and innovation

Supervisor: Facilities Manager

Job Classification: Non-Exempt

Work Schedule

  1. Full Time, 12-month position
  2. Hours: 6:30am-3:30pm
  3. Position reports to Facilities Manager


  • Clean portions of building (classrooms, offices, restrooms etc.)

Duties Include

  1. Sweeps, mops, polishes, and strips floors in rooms and halls.
  2.  Dusts and/or polishes furniture, blinds, and equipment.
  3.  Cleans restrooms and fills dispensers.
  4.  Vacuums, spot cleans, and/or shampoos rugs, carpets, and furniture using commercial-type vacuum cleaners and shampooing equipment.
  5.  Reports malfunction of bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, and/or damages to room and hall furnishings to supervisor and make proper arrangements to correct the issue
  6.  Stocks area with appropriate supplies.
  7.  Locks and unlocks doors as directed.
  8.  Initiates work orders for repair/maintenance.
  9.  Moves furniture, equipment, or fixtures as required. 
  10. Ensure that paper towels, soap, toilet paper and other sanitary items are available.
  11. Help employees or teachers set up and break down for school events or meetings.
  12. Make minor repairs in a building, such as fixing leaky pipes, electric or electronic devices, appliances, and desks and chairs.
  13. Other duties include painting, mowing lawns, landscaping, and other maintenance projects. 
  14. May shovel and remove snow and ice from designated areas such as sidewalks, entryways, and roofs as required.
  15.  May replace light bulbs.
  16. Attend to emergencies when necessary
  17. Lock and secure building and end of shift.
  18. Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of cleaning equipment, products, techniques, and standards
  2.  Skill in using cleaning products and equipment. 
  3. Skill in following verbal and written instructions.


  1. Minimum High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. Working knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems
  3. Sound knowledge of health, safety, and environmental regulations

General Work Physical Requirement

  1. Must be in good physical condition, because much of the job is strenuous and requires long shifts of standing on their feet.
  2. Must be able to accurately follow directions and understand basic repair techniques.
  3. Be able to lift and carry 50lb alone or more with assistance
  4. Push and Pull 100lb
  5. Stand, walk, bend, kneel, and for long periods of time