Emmanuel Christian Academy Students Shine at Art Festival

Nineteen third through eighth grade students from Emmanuel Christian Academy were recognized for their excellent artwork at the annual Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Art Festival. The Festival, which took place on May 1, was held at Maranatha Bible Church (Maranatha) in Akron, Ohio.

During Emmanuel’s Annual Student Art Show in February, 20 original pieces from 19 students were selected for the ACSI Art Festival. Emmanuel students participated in the Ohio River Valley Regional, which was the final stage, and had their artwork judged on composition, craftsmanship, artist statement, use of elements and the principles of art. Students received ribbon awards rated Blue (Superior), Red (Excellent) and White (Good). The ACSI Art Festival is not a contest; it is a means of judging students’ artwork and awarding them according to their competency in the aforementioned categories.

Emmanuel was awarded the following ribbons:

Blue – Stephon Canty (4th grade; Neva Fuller (4th grade); Drew Harper (4th grade); Cori Harper (5th grade); Toni Harper (5th grade); Terrelle Harris-Malone (5th grade); Tierrah Clarke (6th grade); Vivian Sharpey (6th grade); Jamari Campbell (7th grade); Naya Vickers (7th grade)

Red – Anazia Golden (3rd grade); Malya Kelker (3rd grade); Dani Otis (3rd grade); Stephon Canty (4th grade); Briana Bunkley (5th grade); DaNika Otis (7th grade); Saudia Taylor (7th grade); Armoni Turner (7th grade); Aaliyah Jones (8th grade)

White – Demetria Skipper (8th grade)


2015 ACSI Art Festival Winners