Emmanuel Christian Academy provides training and methodology that offers the best hope to unlock the learning potential of all children.  The curriculum, activities and programs of Emmanuel have all been designed to promote the success of our students while providing a real opportunity to further the development of children.  In addition, Emmanuel is committed to providing a well-rounded education for its students. Enabling their success goes beyond school hours.

We believe that the most effective influences in a student’s life can be realized when  the church, home and school work together. We believe that each has an immediate and  direct influence on the developing student. Emmanuel Christian Academy is an important  ministry of the congregation in nurturing children in the Christian faith and reaching  out to bring others to Christ. We also consider Emmanuel Christian Academy to be an  extension of the home and also partners with the parents.

We, fully trusting the power of God, have set ourselves to the task of teaching children  that in life we must seek a proper relationship with God. This teaching is concerned not  only with the counsels of God revealed in His Word, but also in the counsels revealed  in His world. We desire to teach that ALL truth is God’s truth, and Jesus Christ is  CENTRAL in all truth; again not simply in the Word, but in history in geography, in  music, in arts, and in the universe (John. 14:6).