STEAM Integration


Innovation class is set up for our 4th-8th grade learners in our art space where they can create, build, and think critically. Inspired by Emmanuel’s Summer Enrichment S.T.E.A.M. Academy  our Innovation class asks Middle School students to approach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with the mindset of problem-solvers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. 

Emmanuel Middle School Learners were surveying the land approved by City of Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan and Akron Community Foundation to build an Art Garden. Innovation class learners were required to sketch, collaborate and problem solve the overgrown lot connecting West Akron Work. Dr., S. Portage Path and W. Exchange. Creatively excited learners were booming with ideas that will make a beautiful Five Points Art Garden….. #WeAreEmmanuel #Classroomwithnowalls

Innovation class integrated the Arts with Engineering by making clay bowls as a service project for the Akron Food Bank. The students were prepped with a discussion of Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms speech. We evaluated the Freedom of Want and reflected the disparages of kids their age going home with no food to eat. 

Innovation class has included 3rd grade to work along side 4th & 5th grade in the Soap Box Derby Challenge. Building  n Soap Box Derby Mini Cars and working through the history of the Soap Box Derby. We have partnered with sponsors of Emmanuel and formed a team of with our 3rd-5th grade students to race in the official Soap Box Derby May 2019. For more information and updates go to