ECA’s Academic Program is noted for excellence and high academic achievement with students performing at or above grade level. The student-teacher ratio is 1 to 18. We have added an Exceptional Student Program to serve students who are academically gifted. We are especially equipped to service students of all academic levels — by providing exceptional students with enrichment activities and our struggling learners with intervention programs.

Athletics Program (For Middle School and Upper Elementary Students)
Our Athletics Program provides students an opportunity to develop character and teamwork through a variety of sports, e.g. Middle School Boys and Girls Basketball, Cheerleading, and Track.






Career Assessment Program (Gr. 5)
Each spring, the School Guidance Counselor presents a career guidance program called “Preparing for Your Future.” The package includes five weeks of classroom instruction and an individual follow-up session with each student.

The goals include focusing upon who are you, where you have been,where you are where you are headed and how to begin getting there.  These purposeful future preparations include presenting various conceptual models, career ideas-options, current career articles, individual assessments and practical guidelines, all of which is a folder for their future reference. The individual session focuses upon explaining the assessments, answering questions and establishing purposeful aims leading towards their future.

Community Outreach and Service

carla 1 Emmanuel Christian Academy is actively involved in the community. We bring community leaders into our school for special programs and times of interaction, and we also provide our children with opportunities outside of the school environment including visits to community service clubs, businesses, and other churches. These experiences provide ministry opportunities to the students and staff, as well as exposure for the school. Community service projects allow students a chance to put into practice the charitable principles they are learning and to have an opportunity to impact the community through food drives, clothing drives, Christmas gift giving, visitation to senior citizens’ homes, and donations to other schools and community groups.

Creative Arts Program
Unique activities, like the Christmas and Black History programs, art shows, and musical concerts enhance the overall school curriculum by exposing all students to the world of creative arts (visual and performing arts, singing/choir, dancing, and band) throughout the year. ECA’s Creative Arts programs give the students an opportunity to showcase other special gifts and talents outside of academic performances. It also provides them the opportunity to develop self-esteem, confidence, and public speaking skills while learning about their ancestry and history.

Benefit Concert 352-001             2015 ACSI Art Festival Winnerson-trial





lemonade 7 Entreprenuership Program

Developed for our 6th– 8th grade classes, our entrepreneurship program will introduce our students to the importance of understanding self-sufficiency through the development of business opportunities. They will develop skills in business planning, budgeting, securing business financing, marketing and other skills necessary for business success. In addition they will be trained in financial literacy and acquire skills in personal finance management. They will also be exposed to successful models of entrepreneurs in various fields who will avail themselves to the students for both training and mentoring.

Exceptional Student Program
Our Exceptional Students program to serve students at all academic levels from our gifted, through enrichment activities and to our struggling learners, through our intervention program.

Extended Day Program (Before/After Care)
An after-school program is provided that includes homework labs, special tutoring, and band. This is especially beneficial to inner-city children who often come from single-parent homes and are left to care for themselves once the school day ends. ECA provides after-school activities that include band, tutoring, a homework lab, and art. Current enrollment in this program is 87 students from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. Our band program, with support from The GAR Foundation, has provided keyboards and instruments to 49 students in grades two through six.

Ohio School Choice Programs
ECA is also a provider for the Autism Scholarship Program, Jon Peterson Scholarship, and Ohio Educational Choice (EdChoice) Program. These programs were developed by the Ohio Department of Education to give parents a choice in education.

Social Skill Intervention Program (3rd)
Our Social Skills Intervention Program will teach children the hidden rules and habits of the social classes. They will develop discourse language ability to enable them to successfully function in a middle class environment using the language of negotiation and mediations skills.

DSCN0019Summer Enrichment Program
ECA also provides a Summer Enrichment Program focusing on math and reading skills to students who need remedial help, as well as those who want to maintain and increase their skills in these areas. This program has been successful in presenting alternative summer learning to the community. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) also recognized it in April 2006 as an Exemplary School Program.

USDA Child Nutrition Program
In keeping with ECA’s commitment to serve children defined as “at-risk,” we offer a critical USDA Child Nutrition Program, providing school breakfast, lunch, after-school meals and snacks, and summer meals to students so that they are adequately prepared to learn. In March 2006, Children’s Hunger Alliance visited Emmanuel Christian Academy and recognized the school for its commitment to providing students access to the USDA meal program. Emmanuel Christian Academy was commended for taking the initiative to implement meal programs even though they were not required by state law to offer a free and reduced lunch program.