Administrative Staff Name Email
Principal/Chief School Administrator V. Rena Suber M. Ed. [email protected]
Head of Middle School & Director of Entrepreneurship Carla Jackson [email protected]
Head of Elementary  Brooke Fielding [email protected]
Administrative Assistant Registrar Nydia Sonier [email protected]
Early Education Administrative Assistant Katherine Beacham [email protected]
Middle School Staff  Name Email
Middle School Social Studies Teacher Joseph Gurley [email protected]
Middle School Math Teacher Eric Jackson [email protected]
Middle School Financial Literacy Teacher Cory Amos [email protected]
Specialty Staff Name Email
Music Teacher Cedric Talbert [email protected]
Spanish Teacher Marina Mora [email protected]
Art Teacher Sekoya Kendrick [email protected]
Athletic Director Marquis Grimes [email protected]
Volunteer Entrepreneurship & Investment Club Staff Member Dan Pais [email protected]
Title 1 Tutor Charlene Carroll [email protected]
Auxiliary Tutor Jayne Rine [email protected]
Title 1 Teacher Martha Mosley [email protected]
Title 1 Tutor Gwen Shropshire [email protected]
Counselor Michele Jackson [email protected]
School Service Staff Name Email
Facilities Manager Raymond Gates [email protected]
Food and Nutrition Manager Celeste Linder [email protected]
Food and Nutrition Staff Ethel Ducksworth
Food and Nutrition Staff Cecilia Oden