Emmanuel Christian Academy is pleased to announce the accomplishments of nearly twenty of its students who received various awards. Emmanuel students picked up awards at the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Science Fair and the Summa Health Systems Creation Station Contest.

The ACSI Science Fair was held Saturday, April 11 at Lake Center Christian School (LCCS) in Hartville, Ohio. Prior to being selected for the ACSI fair, Emmanuel students participated in a science fair on Thursday, March 19 at the school. Students who received a superior rating at the school’s fair were invited to the regional fair at LCCS. A total of sixteen students in fourth through eighth grade were invited to the regional science fair

Emmanuel, a member of the Ohio River Valley Region of ACSI, sent eight students to the fair and they were individually judged on the presentation of their project. Elementary students were judged using a 50 point rubric, while junior high students were judged using a 100 point rubric on the following categories: oral Presentation, scientific method, written report, display and creativity. Students were also required to explain orally, and in their written reports, how their projects related to biblical principles. Students received ribbon awards rated Blue (Superior), Red (Excellent) and White (Good).

Emmanuel took home the following ribbons:
Blue Neva Fuller (4th grade); Marquis Kirk (4th grade); Todd James (5th grade); Shelby Evans (6th grade); Treon Matthews (6th grade); Nichelle Mosley (7th grade)
Red Kerry Boyer (5th grade)
White Naya Vickers (8th grade)

The students not only did an exceptional job presenting their projects, they also enjoyed the learning process.

“The science fair was challenging, but it was fun at the same time,” said blue ribbon winner Shelby Evans. “I learned how to do research and how to do a presentation the right way.” Evans’ project was about the relationship between soda and human bones and how drinking soda depletes the minerals in your bones.

Within a week of the ACSI Science Fair, three Emmanuel students were named finalists for Summa’s Creation Station Contest. The Creation Station Contest is part of Summa’s Minority Health Month activities. Looking for ways to engage young adults and children, a grant provided funds for the food and the prizes for the contest. Students were required to submit healthy recipes to Summa’s Health Educator, Isabella Vitale, and Executive Chef for the Virtues Restaurant, “Chef Frank”, who then selected the top-three recipes for the finals.

Armoni Turner took home first place with her white chicken chili recipe. Ky’Asia Williams (8th grade), Emmanuel’s second place winner, created a smoothie with spinach, strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Zyon Carter-Manley (6th grade), who took third place, submitted a recipe for a ratatouille, consisting of zucchini and other vegetables. Once approved by his dietician, Chef Frank plans to use the recipes in the classes he teaches on healthy cooking.

Creation Stations Winners


ACSI Science Fair