As we celebrate this year’s accomplishments and enjoy the closing of this school year with Spirit Week, please be mindful of the following uniform requirements and restrictions:
  • All students not representing the day’s theme, must wear their Emmanuel Uniforms.
  • No inappropriate attire will be permitted.
  • TUESDAY’S THEME: SILLY HATS/HATS. Students may wear the hat of their choice, along with their Emmanuel Uniform. Students in PreK-4th grade will participate in the 8th Grade Graduation and must wear their Chapel Uniform.
  • WEDNESDAY’S THEME: CHARACTERS. Students may wear a shirt representing their favorite character. i.e Ninja Turtles, Princesses, Mickie Mouse etc. No masks or Halloween costumes are permitted.
  • THURSDAY’S THEME: SPORTS MANIA. Join us at Fort Island Griffiths Park for Field Day representing your favorite sports team.

Any questions, please see your appropriate School Head (Mrs. Carroll [email protected] or Ms. Jackson [email protected] )