The name of this school shall be EMMANUEL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.

Emmanuel Christian Academy is a non-profit, private religious activity. The School Board is the  policy-making body of the EMMANUEL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY. 

EMMANUEL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY purposes by the power of the Holy Spirit, to provide  instruction in God’s Word and conventional instruction to meet or exceed state standards for  all who desire a Biblical foundation, Kindergarten through the sixth grade, in West Akron and  beyond to prepare to honor God and serve Him in the home, the church, the community and  the nation, and to pass appropriate state standardized tests.

Emmanuel Christian Academy was established in 1993, when a ten people came together  who shared a vision for establishing a Christian school that would be committed to academic  excellence. Our mission is to serve students who are defined as “at risk” of not completing  school and to those who are underserved in traditional systems of education. Our objectives are  as follows.

  • To teach so effectively that each student will take as his personal commitment and belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that His death and resurrection provide forgiveness of sin and new life through faith in Him. 
  • To generate in each student a firm conviction that the Bible is the Word of God to men and a practical guide to life and daily living. 
  • To develop within each child a keen understanding of the fundamentals of God’s creation, including all the academic studies; to cause within his/her thinking an understanding that Jesus Christ is central in all of these areas; and to instruct him/her thoroughly in the arts and sciences that he/she might develop to the glory of God, spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, not in his natural obedience to His will.
  • To cause each student to progress in Christian living through fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ in studying the Holy Scriptures, prayer and Christian service activities. 
  • To develop the practice by teachers of applying Scriptural principles in the discipline of children. 
  • To train each child to work diligently, with perseverance in both independent and cooperative task. 
  • To help each student develop the character traits of self-discipline and responsibility. 
  • To teach each child to seek balance in his or her life, including elements of both work and recreation. 
  • To develop in children the proper attitude, ideals, habits, knowledge and skills, which are the necessary preparation for life. 
  • To give the child the kind of experiences that will help him face life with courage and understanding and to help him experience a living faith in God that will make him a credit to Christ, his community, his nation, and himself.