The name of this school shall be EMMANUEL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.

Emmanuel Christian Academy is a non-profit, private religious activity. The School Board is the  policy-making body of the EMMANUEL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY. 

EMMANUEL CHRISTIAN ACADEMY purposes by the power of the Holy Spirit, to provide  instruction in God’s Word and conventional instruction to meet or exceed state standards for  all who desire a Biblical foundation, Kindergarten through the sixth grade, in West Akron and  beyond to prepare to honor God and serve Him in the home, the church, the community and  the nation, and to pass appropriate state standardized tests.

Emmanuel Christian Academy was established in 1993, when a ten people came together  who shared a vision for establishing a Christian school that would be committed to academic  excellence. Our mission is to serve students who are defined as “at risk” of not completing  school and to those who are underserved in traditional systems of education. Our objectives are  as follows.