The Distribution Committee of GAR Foundation awarded Emmanuel Christian Academy $33,200 to fund its Extended Day Math Intervention/Enrichment Program at its May meeting.

Emmanuel Christian Academy is a private, chartered Christian school accredited by the State of Ohio as an elementary school. Emmanuel is located in West Akron, Ohio at The House of the Lord and serves children from prekindergarten through eighth grade. The award from GAR will be used to incorporate an expanded school day focused on math skills and content area reading skills. The Extended Day program provides systemic, structured methods and procedures to assess student learning. Funding is also extended to educators to be used for professional development in the area research strategies for instruction. As data supports, Emmanuel’s program increases student math scores on standardized testing in math and reading, based on the Cradle to Career continuum indicators.

The Extended Day program was initiated when school administrators realized that students had not made significant gains in math test scores, as expected. Driven by research and data, Emmanuel’s administration, led by Principal and Chief School Administrator V. Rena Suber, established the Extended Day Math Intervention/Enrichment Program to increase the proportion of students who graduate ready for success in college or career pathways.

“We are grateful for GAR funding our Extended Day Math Intervention/Enrichment Program,” said Suber. “This program is an integral component of our students’ academic readiness and success. Our procedures and instructional methods are data-driven, allowing us to better assess our students’ progress, as well as their needs.”