(in addition to the General guidelines and Expectations)

The job of a Spanish Teacher involves helping students communicate and understand the Spanish language. They encourage students to practice vocabularies they have learned and assist them in accurately listening, speaking, writing, and reading Spanish. Techniques such as role-playing, dialogue, language games, literature, film, technology, and other formal exercises are used in teaching foreign languages.

Education/Experience Requirements A bachelor’s degree in education and a teaching license is preferred but not required. However, they must be literate and fluent in Spanish.

Supervisor: Head of Schools and Chief School Administrator
Job Classification: Faculty-Non-Exempt

Skills Effective written and verbal communication skills, excellent teaching skills, interpersonal relations skills, time management and organizational skills, administrative skills, problem-solving skills, research skills, and some knowledge of various teaching materials.

  1. He/she must be compassionate, patient, observant, detail-oriented, creative, and able to think outside the box.
  2. Have a genuine desire to work with and care for children.
  3. Possess the following characteristics: creativity, organization, stamina, and the ability to lead a group.
  4. Knowledge in subject and grade level materials. (Spanish grammar, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and composition; guiding students on conversational Spanish; teaching students about Spanish language literature, culture, and history
  5. Prepare/ creating engaging lesson plans; planning classroom activities and preparing visual aids; to motivate students and assessing student progress; grading homework, projects, and exams.
  6. Develop Curriculum and Objectives in compliance with the Ohio State Standards
  7. Effective in classroom management skills. Observe and assist in student’s social and emotional development and have a good understanding of child development.
  8. Coaching students individually or as a group; communicating with parents and other teachers about a student’s progress; and other tasks as assigned.
  9. Attend required in-service, Association of Christian Schools International (A.C.S.I.), Bible training sessions. Ohio Middle School Conferences and other in services as designated by the Head of Schools.
  10. Prepare and submit a yearly Spanish supplies budget plan for the class to the Principal for consideration in preparing the annual budget for the school.

Other Duties may include:

  • Ordering, keeping inventory and organizing supplies
  • Coordinating Field trips that are curriculum related
  • and other tasks as assigned.